Clubs4Europe in Bulgaria, Slovakia & Spain

The partners implemented Clubs4Europe workshops for adult learners to help them acquire knowledge on issues of European importance, and to give them possibility to participate in debates on the future of Europe, to engage with the EU idea and actively participate in the democratic life of the Union, overcoming the intercultural and intergenerational divide of the society.

3/30/20241 min read

Clubs4Europe workshop in Laguna de Duero, Spain
Clubs4Europe workshop in Laguna de Duero, Spain

During the Clubs4Europe project implementation, the partners achieved a big impact at local/regional level through the following activities:

  • 15 workshops in the 3 partner countries on EU history and achievements with more than 180 participants;

  • 9 public debates involving over 75 rural people to discuss on the current EU strategies and priorities;

  • 3 online seminars with more than 45 guests from BG, SK & ES debating on the Future of Europe;

  • mobile units and local activities reaching to the rural areas of Veliko Tarnovo, Nitra and Cisterniga, Valladolid.