Dissemination and Multiplier events

All partners were supported at local/regional level by public & private bodies to disseminate widely the project's results and ensure their sustainability. Multiplier events were implemented in each partner country in the final project phase, gathering over 150 AEP, stakeholders and rural citizens. Additionally, as international multiplier event was celebrated the visit to the EU Parliament in Brussels (Belgium) by 25 rural citizens, winners of the #Europe&Me video contest, run in the frame of the project.

3/30/20241 min read

Dissemination event in Valladolid, Spain
Dissemination event in Valladolid, Spain

Visual, training and awareness tools were used to disseminate the generated knowledge and results achieved throughout the project. The partners’ networks & websites served as communication channels to promote the project and involve the direct beneficiaries in the implementation of its activities.

The geographic scope of impact and the expected benefits were supported by the activities of communication and dissemination that each partner had played at local/regional/national level, as well as the partnership at European level. Using citizen-oriented, forward-looking, and constructive approach in the multiplier events, debates and video contest, the partners achieved to engage more rural people from different generations and empower them for EU social and political cohesion.

The visit to the European institutions in Brussels helped to the rural people to literally reach Europe, to get acquainted with its structure, functions, MEPs and other representatives. They had an opportunity to learn from the source about the European idea, the European strategies and initiatives developed in benefit of all citizens. Moreover, previously being involved in the project activities, and resulting winners of the celebrated video contest in the 3 partner countries, they have experienced the preparation for this visit, drafting some recommendations, suggestions and opinions on the Future of Europe in a Rural Citizens' Paper. This Paper represents the views of rural people from Bulgaria, Slovakia & Spain, where the delegates visiting Brussels acted as ambassadors, strengthening the rural people EU identity and making their voice to be heard at Union level.